1st Dec 2014
S02E84 - Charlie Gets In Bed with Jordan’s Ex (Anger Management)
1st Dec 2014
S02E83 - Charlie & The Return of the Danger Girl (Anger Management)
2nd Dec 2014
S07E12 - Red Rose (Sons of Anarchy)
3rd Dec 2014
S04E08 - Blood Bath (American Horror Story)
8th Dec 2014
S02E85 - Charlie's Living the Dream (Anger Management)
8th Dec 2014
S02E86 - Charlie Meets his Match (Anger Management)
9th Dec 2014
S07E13 - Papa's Goods (Sons of Anarchy)
10th Dec 2014
S04E09 - The Fat Lady Sings (American Horror Story)
15th Dec 2014
S02E87 - Charlie and The Epic Relationship Fail (Anger Management)
15th Dec 2014
S02E88 - Charlie and the Hot Associate (Anger Management)
17th Dec 2014
S04E10 - Orphans (American Horror Story)
7th Jan 2015
S04E11 - Magical Thinking (American Horror Story)
14th Jan 2015
S04E12 - Show Stoppers (American Horror Story)
20th Jan 2015
S06E01 - TBA (Justified)
21st Jan 2015
S04E13 - TBA (American Horror Story)
28th Jan 2015
S03E01 - EST Men (The Americans)