25th May 2016
S17E23 - Heartfelt Passages (Law and Order SVU)
25th May 2016
S03E23 - Start Digging (Chicago PD)
25th May 2016
S01E10 - What Happens in Vegas... Happens (Heartbeat)
29th May 2016
S02E13 - President Trump (The Carmichael Show)
1st Jun 2016
S03E01 - The Times They Are A-Changin (The Night Shift)
2nd Jun 2016
S01E09 - Truth (Game of Silence)
2nd Jun 2016
S01E08 - Hey (Game of Silence)
5th Jun 2016
S01E10 - She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune (Game of Silence)
8th Jun 2016
S03E02 - The Thing with Feathers (The Night Shift)
15th Jun 2016
S03E03 - The Way Back (The Night Shift)
16th Jun 2016
S02E02 - Happiness is a Warm Gun (Aquarius)
16th Jun 2016
S02E01 - I'm So Tired (Aquarius)
22nd Jun 2016
S03E04 - Three-Two-One (The Night Shift)
23rd Jun 2016
S02E03 - TBA (Aquarius)