22nd Sep 2014
S02E01 - Lord Baltimore (The Blacklist)
23rd Sep 2014
S03E01 - Always (Chicago Fire)
24th Sep 2014
S16E01 - Girls Disappeared (Law and Order SVU)
24th Sep 2014
S01E02 - The Mystery of the Dead Date (The Mysteries of Laura)
24th Sep 2014
S02E01 - Call It Macaroni (Chicago PD)
25th Sep 2014
S06E01 - Vegas (Parenthood)
29th Sep 2014
S02E02 - Monarch Douglas Bank (The Blacklist)
30th Sep 2014
S03E02 - Wow Me (Chicago Fire)
1st Oct 2014
S16E02 - American Disgrace (Law and Order SVU)
1st Oct 2014
S01E03 - The Mystery of the Biker Bar (The Mysteries of Laura)
1st Oct 2014
S02E02 - Get My Cigarettes (Chicago PD)
2nd Oct 2014
S06E02 - Happy Birthday, Zeek (Parenthood)
2nd Oct 2014
S01E01 - A Is for Acquaintances (A to Z)
2nd Oct 2014
S01E01 - Pilot (Bad Judge)
6th Oct 2014
S02E03 - Dr. James Covington (The Blacklist)
8th Oct 2014
S01E04 - The Mystery of the Red Runway (The Mysteries of Laura)
8th Oct 2014
S02E03 - The Weigh Station (Chicago PD)
8th Oct 2014
S16E03 - Producer's Backend (Law and Order SVU)
9th Oct 2014
S01E02 - B Is for Big Glory (A to Z)
14th Oct 2014
S01E01 - Pilot (Marry Me)
14th Oct 2014
S02E01 - About A Vasectomy (About A Boy)
16th Oct 2014
S01E03 - C Is for Curiouser & Curiouser (A to Z)
23rd Oct 2014
S01E04 - D is for The Dogs (A to Z)
24th Oct 2014
S04E01 - Thanks for the Memories (Grimm)
24th Oct 2014
S01E01 - Pilot (Constantine)
31st Oct 2014
S04E02 - Octopus Head (Grimm)
17th Nov 2014
S01E01 - Pilot (State of Affairs)
5th Feb 2015
S01E01 - Pilot (Allegiance)