29th Apr 2017
S10E03 - Thin Ice (Doctor Who)
6th May 2017
S10E04 - The Haunted Hub (Doctor Who)
13th May 2017
S10E05 - Oxygen (Doctor Who)
20th May 2017
S10E06 - Extremis (Doctor Who)
27th May 2017
S10E07 - The Pyramid at the End of the World (Doctor Who)
3rd Jun 2017
S10E08 - The Lie of the Land (Doctor Who)
10th Jun 2017
S05E01 - TBA (Orphan Black)
10th Jun 2017
S10E09 - The Eaters of Light (Doctor Who)
17th Jun 2017
S10E10 - The Eaters of Light (Doctor Who)
24th Jun 2017
S10E11 - World Enough and Time (Doctor Who)
1st Jul 2017
S10E12 - The Doctor Falls (Doctor Who)