22nd May 2015
S01E06 - Metamorphosis (The Messengers)
26th May 2015
S01E11 - Astroburger (iZombie)
29th May 2015
S01E07 - Deus Ex Machina (The Messengers)
2nd Jun 2015
S01E12 - Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat (iZombie)
9th Jun 2015
S01E13 - Blaine's World (iZombie)
11th Jun 2015
S03E01 - Beast of Wall Street (Beauty and the Beast)
12th Jun 2015
S01E08 - A House Divided (The Messengers)
18th Jun 2015
S03E02 - Primal Fear (Beauty and the Beast)
19th Jun 2015
S01E09 - Death Becomes Her (The Messengers)
25th Jun 2015
S03E03 - Bob & Carol Vin & Cat (Beauty and the Beast)
2nd Jul 2015
S03E04 - Heart Of The Matter (Beauty and the Beast)
9th Jul 2015
S03E05 - Most Dangerous (Beauty and the Beast)
10th Jul 2015
S01E10 - Why We Fight (The Messengers)
16th Jul 2015
S03E06 - Chasing Ghosts (Beauty and the Beast)
17th Jul 2015
S01E11 - Harvest (The Messengers)
23rd Jul 2015
S03E07 - Both Sides Now (Beauty and the Beast)
24th Jul 2015
S01E12 - Spark of Hope (The Messengers)
30th Jul 2015
S03E08 - TBA (Beauty and the Beast)
31st Jul 2015
S01E13 - Houston, We Have a Problem (The Messengers)