27th Jul 2016
S03E04 - A Prayer for our Daughters (Tyrant)
28th Jul 2016
S02E05 - And She Was (Sex Drugs Rock and Roll)
3rd Aug 2016
S03E05 - A Rock and a Hard Place (Tyrant)
4th Aug 2016
S02E06 - Rock This Bitch Till the Wheels Fall Off (Sex Drugs Rock and Roll)
10th Aug 2016
S03E06 - Truth And Dignity (Tyrant)
11th Aug 2016
S02E07 - Tramps Like Us (Sex Drugs Rock and Roll)
17th Aug 2016
S03E07 - Bedfellows (Tyrant)
18th Aug 2016
S02E08 - Ghosts of Skibbereen (Sex Drugs Rock and Roll)
28th Aug 2016
S03E01 - New York Strong (The Strain)
4th Sep 2016
S03E02 - Bad White (The Strain)
6th Sep 2016
S01E01 - The Big Bang (Atlanta)
8th Sep 2016
S01E01 - Pilot (Better Things)
14th Sep 2016
S06E01 - TBA (American Horror Story)