23rd Apr 2017
S01E08 - You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends? (Feud)
25th Apr 2017
S05E08 - Immersion (The Americans)
26th Apr 2017
S03E02 - The Principle of Restricted Choice (Fargo)
2nd May 2017
S05E09 - IHOP (The Americans)
3rd May 2017
S03E03 - The Law of Non-Contradiction (Fargo)
9th May 2017
S05E10 - Darkroom (The Americans)
10th May 2017
S03E04 - The Narrow Escape Problem (Fargo)
16th May 2017
S05E11 - Dyatkovo (The Americans)
17th May 2017
S03E05 - The House of Special Purpose (Fargo)