29th Mar 2015
S04E11 - Everything’s so fucking obvious, I’m starting to wonder why we’re even having this conversation (House of Lies)
29th Mar 2015
S04E12 - You’re safely sucking at the triple-venti tits of the new Kaan & Associates (House of Lies)
29th Mar 2015
S05E11 - Drugs Actually (Shameless)
5th Apr 2015
S05E12 - Love Songs (in the Key of Gallagher) (Shameless)
12th Apr 2015
S07E01 - Clean (Nurse Jackie)
19th Apr 2015
S07E02 - Deal (Nurse Jackie)
26th Apr 2015
S01E01 - Pilot (Happyish)
26th Apr 2015
S07E03 - Godfathering (Nurse Jackie)
3rd May 2015
S02E01 - Fresh Hell (Penny Dreadful)
3rd May 2015
S07E04 - Nice Ladies (Nurse Jackie)
10th May 2015
S07E05 - Coop Out (Nurse Jackie)
17th May 2015
S07E06 - High Noon (Nurse Jackie)
24th May 2015
S07E07 - Are You With Me, Dr. Wu? (Nurse Jackie)
31st May 2015
S07E08 - Managed Care (Nurse Jackie)
7th Jun 2015
S07E09 - Serviam in Caritate (Nurse Jackie)
14th Jun 2015
S07E10 - Jackie and the Wolfe (Nurse Jackie)
12th Jul 2015
S03E01 - The Kalamazoo (Ray Donovan)
12th Jul 2015
S03E01 - TBA (Masters of Sex)