1st May 2017
S03E04 - Turn Me On, Geils (Angie Tribeca)
1st May 2017
S13E11 - Casino Normale (American Dad)
8th May 2017
S03E05 - This Sounds Unbelievable, But CSI: Miami Did It (Angie Tribeca)
15th May 2017
S03E06 - Hey, I'm Solvin' Here (Angie Tribeca)
22nd May 2017
S03E07 - License to Drill (Angie Tribeca)
29th May 2017
S03E08 - If You See Something, Solve Something (Angie Tribeca)
5th Jun 2017
S03E09 - Germs of Endearment (Angie Tribeca)
12th Jun 2017
S03E10 - Go Get 'Em Tiger (Angie Tribeca)