20th Aug 2017
S04E01 - In Medias Res (The Last Ship)
20th Aug 2017
S04E02 - The Pillars of Hercules (The Last Ship)
21st Aug 2017
S01E08 - Your Houses (Will)
22nd Aug 2017
S02E12 - You Will Be Gutted (Animal Kingdom)
27th Aug 2017
S04E03 - Bread And Circuses (The Last Ship)
28th Aug 2017
S01E09 - Play the Devil (Will)
29th Aug 2017
S02E13 - Betrayal (Animal Kingdom)
3rd Sep 2017
S04E04 - Nostos (The Last Ship)
4th Sep 2017
S01E10 - Once, Bright Angel (Will)
10th Sep 2017
S04E05 - Allegiance (The Last Ship)
15th Oct 2017
S02E01 - The Heart Attack Is the Best Way (Good Behavior)
22nd Oct 2017
S02E02 - I Want You to Leave a Person Alive for Once (Good Behavior)
29th Oct 2017
S02E03 - Because I'm Mrs. Claus (Good Behavior)
31st Oct 2017
S06E01 - Sanctuary City: Part 1 (Major Crimes)