29th Jun 2017
S02E04 - El Beso de Judas (Queen of the South)
30th Jun 2017
S03E04 - Paging Doctor Yes Please (Playing House)
30th Jun 2017
S03E03 - Gwen or Lose (Playing House)
7th Jul 2017
S03E05 - You Wanna Roll with This (Playing House)
7th Jul 2017
S03E06 - Ride the Dragon (Playing House)
12th Jul 2017
S07E01 - Skin in the Game (Suits)
14th Jul 2017
S03E07 - Game of Tweens (Playing House)
14th Jul 2017
S03E08 - Reverse the Curse (Playing House)
18th Jul 2017
S02E01 - The Hunting Party (Shooter)
19th Jul 2017
S07E02 - The Statue (Suits)
25th Jul 2017
S02E02 - Remember the alamo (Shooter)
2nd Aug 2017
S01E01 - Pilot (The Sinner)