TBA    S02E09 - A Madness of Two
TBA    S02E08 - An Infant, A Brute or a Wild Beast
TBA    S02E07 - Define Normal
TBA    S02E06 - Treasures in Jars of Clay
TBA    S02E05 - The Collected Works of William Shakespeare
TBA    S02E04 - The Coping Mechanism
TBA    S02E03 - The Fitzcraft Parable
TBA    S02E02 - A Very Special Onion
11th Oct 2017    S02E01 - Multitiaxal System
14th Dec 2016    S01E10 - Fluid Management
7th Dec 2016    S01E09 - Camera Obscura
30th Nov 2016    S01E08 - The House of Space and Time
23rd Nov 2016    S01E07 - Unlocking Your Hidden Powers
16th Nov 2016    S01E06 - The Unflinching Spark
9th Nov 2016    S01E05 - A Still Point in the Turning World
2nd Nov 2016    S01E04 - The Mad Doctor
26th Oct 2016    S01E03 - Hiring It Done
19th Oct 2016    S01E02 - The Axiom of Choice
19th Oct 2016    S01E01 - The Summer of Love