The Blacklist - Robert Diaz - Review By KathM (May 18, 2019, 9:21 pm) The Blacklist

6.22 - "Robert Diaz”
Written by Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath and Lukas Reiter
Directed by Bill Roe
Reviewed by KathM

I don’t think you get it. I am getting my team out of here. We are stopping the President from killing himself, and then I am going to the store for every princess pillow, comforter, backpack, toothbrush, and pajamas I can find so my apartment’s ready when Agnes gets home. Do you understand me?

Liz has a lot going on right now. While I personally prefer Dora the Explorer, Liz needs Relya to help her with the first two items on her list. Although I would love to see the depth and breadth of his knowledge of princesses and the marketing thereof.

The impression I get is that everyone liked the episode. To me it was more of a series of highs and lows, ending with an interesting development. It goes like this:

Given the great beginning, I think we were robbed by not having the Dossier mean anything (or maybe it does) and that this ended up being the husband tries to kill wife thing. It sounded like an interesting concept, and I honestly think that whatever the Dossier was that Anna believed in it. For whatever reason, she and others thought they were doing the right thing by helping Diaz kill himself. The lack of a Vice President character (who theoretically should have been in on the whole scheme, since they would be the one who'd have to do whatever came after the assassination) should have raised a red flag. There were some great, heart pounding moments in this episode, but the end left me feeling unfulfilled. And wanting french toast.

I’m interested in what will happen with Relya and Katerina, and what parts of what Dom told Liz were true. But I hope we don’t spend all season on it. Let’s have some episodes like this in the Fall, but with surprising endings. Please, please, let’s let Elizabeth be an agent for a while.

Take care!