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Episodes 4.01 - 4.02 - Synopses
Thanks to Gráinne Mhaol for the heads up.

4.01 – A Good Treason

Entry to Valhalla eludes Ragnar but as he lies near death in Kattegat, events unfold beyond his control. Meanwhile, Kalf announces joint Earldom with Lagertha, but is power-sharing Kalf's true intention?

4.02 – Kill The Queen

As Ragnar and Floki remain at odds, Rollo makes great efforts in Paris to win over his new bride, Princess Gisla. Meanwhile, King Ecbert sets the task for his son Aethelwulf to rescue Queen Kwenthrith.

Cast Promotional Photos

Episode 4.01 - A Good Treason

Episode 4.02 - Kill the Queen

Episode 4.03 - Mercy

Episode 4.04 - Yol