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Sneak Peek 2
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Sneak Peek
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Post Mortem Interview
Thanks to Ivan for the heads up.

TTVJ: Can you give us any idea of what we’re going to find once the gang returns to Old Town?

ML: Trouble. Old Town is shit town right now, but in a very classic Killjoys way. The balance I’m trying to strike this year is having some realistic moments, in terms of how dire it is for people who have been at war and bombed, but we are also consciously an entertainment first romp of a show. So we’re also enjoying coming at that from a very sci-fi tropish bent. The captivity of Old Town and the wall becomes its own character this season. The wall is something in its own way, and as a not so subtle metaphor, comes between the drives and objectives of Johnny and Dutch.

It’s also something that gives some very real stakes to characters we have come to know and love that live in Old Town, such as Pree. We have a lot of fun with Old Town being our home and it being under siege. It puts some important stresses on our three main characters in terms of how they choose to deal with that and who they choose to fight for.

TTVJ: Speaking of Clara, she was a really fun character. Any chance we see her again?

ML: There is a chance.

TTVJ: There’s always a chance. She’s not dead!

ML: There’s always a chance! [laughs] I would say there’s a chance this season and I’m really hoping we get a Season 3, in which case I’m really hoping there’s a chance that season as well. She’s one of my favorite characters I’ve created frankly. I love her backstory. I love her moxie. I love her frickin’ robot arm. I’m kind of in this business to have the joy of creating a robot arm girl. That’s a thrill. I’d never say we’ve seen enough of that character yet. Any chance I have to bring her back I would like to try and do.

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KILLJOYS - "Wild, Wild Westerly" - 9/8c

With D'avin (Luke Macfarlane) back on the team, the Killjoys return to the ruins of Old Town to hunt eight escaped convicts but soon discover their most dangerous nemesis is the company fixer who issued the warrant.