The Spanish Princess - Episode 1.07 - All Is Lost - Promo + Synopsis By Unknown (June 9, 2019, 4:19 am) The Spanish Princess


The Spanish Princess
Starz - 93 Sun, 6/16, 8:00 PM 1 hr

"All Is Lost"

New, 6/16/2019, Season 1 / Episode 7 , Drama

Catherine of Aragorn has been told since childhood that she will take her place on the English throne, but after her first husband, Prince Arthur, suddenly dies, she convinces those in power to let her woo another heir, the future King Henry VIII.

Credits: Charlotte Hope (Actor), Stephanie Levi-John (Actor), Nadia Parks (Actor), Alicia Borrachero (Actor), Harriet Walter (Actor), Laura Carmichael (Actor)