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Extended Promo
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Sneak Peek

Post Mortem Interview
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TTVJ: I’m really enjoying in Season 2 that she’s a bit more of a badass.

ML: Yea she’s more badass but we always do it within the constraints of that character. I didn’t want to turn everyone into secret assassins. She does it through courage and I think she’s a girl with some anger issues, which I sort of love about her. She’s someone who acts first and thinks later and is a bit chaotic. I think we all know some people like that in real life and if they happen to also be intelligent and charming they can get away with it. I think that’s what Pawter does. She’s passionate and she’s impulsive and all of these things that Johnny comes to really admire. She’s a free spirit and that’s a hard thing to maintain in a world that is full of all these various types of industrial, corporate and political prisons.

TTVJ: What’s going to happen to her now that she’s stuck with Jelco?

ML: Well the two of them are going to have an interesting journey, but what I also find interesting about this season is that nobody’s journey is solely theirs. Everything is so interconnected because there’s Johnny involved and Dutch has her own journey, but her team is always involved in that. All of these people, who in Season 1 were thinking that they were at a distance from one another, are increasingly like-minded allies. We build that throughout the season in ways that challenge, complicate and redefine those relationships.


As part of their secret investigation of The RAC, the Killjoys accept a ghost warrant to rescue three missing Killjoys lost in the heart of the Badlands. The mission leads them deep underground into an abandoned mine, where the bounty hunters become the hunted.