Victoria - Episode 2.02 - The Green-Eyed Monster - Press Release By SpoilerTV (August 29, 2017, 9:00 pm)

Episode 2 - The Green-Eyed Monster
Sun 03 Sep 2017
9.00pm - 10.05pm

Having resumed her royal duties, Victoria is disconcerted when Albert appears to be drawn to erudite female mathematician, Ada Lovelace, who is working with the acclaimed Charles Babbage. Victoria arranges a cultural evening to meet the pair, but starts to fear that she is losing her husband’s attention.

Realising that she is pregnant again, Victoria is thrown into further turmoil, fearing she is once again destined to be relegated to the nursery. With tensions between her and Albert at breaking point, how will she reveal the happy news to him?

The mood below stairs is equally unsettled as the servants begin to notice items mysteriously disappearing. Timid new dresser Cleary fears that the palace is haunted, but Brodie discovers the real culprit.