Killjoys - Episode 2.06 - I Love Lucy - Sneak Peek, Promo, Interview, Promotional Photos & Synopsis By SpoilerTV (August 4, 2016, 7:27 pm) Killjoys

Sneak Peek 2
Thanks to Ivan for the heads up.

Sneak Peek

Post Mortem Interview
Thanks to Ivan for the heads up

TTVJ: While he was in D’avin’s body, Khlyen did drop a pretty big bombshell on Dutch, that she wasn’t in fact on Arkyn. Can we believe him and what’s that mean about the memory D’avin saw back in the premiere?

ML: Ummmmmmmmmm. Okay, I will say yes, he speaks the truth. Feel free to believe him. … Of course, potentially, statements like his can be interpreted in a variety of ways, especially in scifi shows. (Insert winky face) Yes, I’m a jerk.

TTVJ: What should we expect from Episode 206?

ML: Oh man. Hold on to your butts. It’s super retro crazy funtown. Asteroids! A surprise guest! Hannah SINGS! Our best kiss yet (fight me). Sabine, Alvis, and Pawter all get to play, we get another wee window into Pree’s warlord days, and pissed off Dutch gets to shout “I am not your manic pixie assassin!” which I now use daily. When wonderful Jon Cooksey pitched the episode I kept hollering “leave some for later eps, Cooksey!” because he has so many goodies in it for the fans. I will say this though: while the episode is a clear loveletter from Killjoys to retro scif conventions, it is an ADULT homage. Along with some of the cheekiest, funniest moments of the season there will ALSO be some fairly graphic sex, and violence. So… um… “sorry”, or “you’re welcome”, as the case may be. I don’t know your life.


Dutch's search for the mysterious green plasma puts the team at the mercy of an eccentric galactic collector.