American Gods - Episode 1.05 - Lemon Scented You - Promo, Sneak Peeks, Interviews & Synopsis By Nirat Anop (May 28, 2017, 2:42 am)

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How do you think people will react to seeing Laura’s backstory?

It’s going to be very specific to the audience member in question. When I first met Michael and Bryan, they were about to describe Laura to me, and I said, “Before you do, please don’t tell me that she’s the heart and soul of the show.” Because I’ve heard that so many f—ing times. It’s justification for a not very well-written character. Obviously, I already knew she was well-written, but so many times, you’ll go in to meet to play “the wife” of someone. They’ll say, “She’s only in a few scenes and she’s only his wife, but really she’s the heart and the soul of the show.” But f— that. I don’t want that. And I remember I was sold on Laura the moment that I said that, and one of them said, “Oh, no. If anything, she’s like the spleen of the show.”

“I love Laura in the book, but you never get to see her on her own. She just exists in relation to Shadow, really,” she says. “So I think it was important to go into her history a little bit so that you can see that she’s going through the motions and clearly isn’t happy in her life and doesn’t know what she wants… I think when you see that, it doesn’t necessarily justify the things that she does, but it helps you empathize with her a little bit.”

And she's somebody who is already submerged in darkness, before she's literally condemned to darkness. That's where she lives, even before she dies.

Yeah, if anything, I think it was Bryan or Michael who originally said this: dying is the best thing that's ever happened to Laura. I think that's true. It frees her completely. There's nothing to be afraid of. Laura is not an outwardly fearful person. I think all of that malaise, or whatever it is, that feeling of, "I'm not sad, but I'm not happy. I don't know what I want." That kind of frustration that's bubbling under the surface… it comes essentially from a fear of wasting your life. The fact that she dies and comes back and goes, "Oh! So death is not an issue for me, I suppose." She's completely free of all of that fear. It doesn't make her a better person in any way. If anything she becomes more Laura-ish. (Laughs.) Once she meets Mad Sweeney [in episode five], they were the most fun scenes for me to film, because they hate each other. They're truly awful to one another. And it's fantastic! It's so much fun. But she finally has a purpose. She realizes she didn't appreciate this unconditional love Shadow had given her in her life, and she realizes that that's what she cares about most and what she wants. She has a drive. Failure is not an option.


Shadow's emotional reunion with his dead and unfaithful wife is interrupted when he and Mr. Wednesday are kidnapped by the New Gods.