Wynonna Earp - Episode 2.02 - Shed Your Skin - Promo, Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos, Interview & Synopsis By SpoilerTV (June 15, 2017, 4:01 pm) Wynonna Earp

Sneak Peek


Is Waverly aware she’s being possessed?

That is part of the mystery. But what I certainly see is shades of Waverly acting like herself in episode 1. So I’m not sure how much she is aware of the fact that she has this other personality, or other entity, riding alongside her. That’s really going to be part of the danger, the wrestling for control going forward. But how much she realizes is happening is deliberately obtuse. I feel like the Waverly we know and love would try and warn the others that something is wrong with herself. She’s so selfless. So I don’t know how much she understands or remembers about what happened to her and how it’s going to manifest itself going forward.

WYNONNA EARP "Shed Your Skin" - 10/9c

The team chafes against their new world order. An old friend of Wynonna's arrives in Purgatory.