American Gods - Episode 1.06 - A Murder of Gods - Promo, Sneak Peeks, Interviews & Synopsis By Nirat Anop (June 2, 2017, 9:53 pm) American Gods

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Sneak Peek


What drives Mr. World to want to smooth things over with someone who is so afraid of him and vulnerable already?

The surprise of Mr. World is how compelling and how potentially reasonable he sounds. We talked a lot about the strategy of ancient Rome — that when they would conquer, they wouldn’t necessarily destroy. Their favorite move would be to go to the governing parties of the lands they were invading and say, “Well, we’d prefer you not die. What we’d rather is that you prove your fealty to us monetarily, you give us your taxes and tithes, and we’ll let you continue on. You may worship as you worship. You may govern as you see fit. But we need to know that your fealty is to Rome.” In exchange, they could continue. Not only continue, but flourish. And only if you rebel against that reasonable, terrifying offer do you then see the backhand of that kindness and punishment, cruelly and severely and instantly. So we get the sense from Mr. World that yes, this is a legitimately kind, open-handed offer, but there is a lot of unkindness if you dare refuse it.

The most interesting challenge of Media on the show, as Anderson has described it, is what parts of Media live between her manifestations. Co-showrunner Michael Green says, “Early on, it was an interesting conversation with Gillian because we talked a lot about her I Love Lucy performance and how much of it was going to be impression and how much of it is a new character — Media. And she really hit on this idea of how to hybridize the two. That she was using the impression only as a way to make part of her point. When she’s David Bowie, it’s done in a completely different way, and when she’s Marilyn, it’s almost mockingly. She really weaponizes her alterations and vocal quality to make herself as irresistible as possible to the person she is trying to sell. And she is always trying to sell.”

How about seeing yourself as Marilyn Monroe? What was your reaction to that?

I think because I had less fear around it and less judgment of myself over whether I could pull it off with Marilyn... she was just a lot of fun. It was easier to get into her particular tone. It was a lot of fun to play her. There's a joy that she exudes. It's part of her persona. There's a light. That was fun to replicate. It was a very different experience than the intensity that Bowie warranted. It was a very different experience, obviously. And there's this whole remote-controlled contraption I was standing on when I was Marilyn that was blowing wind up my skirt. I was on that machine for a good half of the scene, and it was taken out in post, but it helped. Someone else was controlling me, making me enter the room and spin around while I was doing my thing. That's all stuff that's new information that comes in on the day when you show up to shoot. (Laughs.) She was so much fun to play. It was also fun interacting with more people in the room.


On the run after the New Gods' show of force, Shadow and Mr. Wednesday seek safe haven with one of Mr. Wednesday's oldest friends, Vulcan, God of the Fire and the Forge.