The Plot Against America - Episode 1.02 - Part 2 - Promotional Photos + Press Release By SpoilerTV (March 21, 2020, 1:08 pm) The Plot Against America

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The Plot Against America

HBO - 96 Mon, 3/23, 9:00 PM 1 hr

New, 3/23/2020, Season 1 / Episode 2 , Drama, Adaptation, Mini-series, War

The United States becomes captivated by Lindbergh as his campaign becomes more popular and he acquires important allies to progress his goals; Alvin confronts his pride and conscience when he is faced with a critical decision about his future.

Credits: Zoe Kazan (Actor), Morgan Spector (Actor), Winona Ryder (Actor), John Turturro (Actor), Anthony Boyle (Actor), Azhy Robertson (Actor)