Franklin and Bash - Episodes 2.01 - 2.05 - Synopsis By DarkUFO (May 24, 2012, 7:00 pm) Franklin and Bash

Episode 2.01 - Strange Brew
Peter and Jared hope to sign a beverage company executive as their next client; Peter meets a beautiful police officer.

Episode 2.02 - Viper
Jared and Peter defend a wannabe crime fighter; Peter's mother arrives with news; Pindar seeks Carmen's help in battling his phobias.

Episode 2.03 - Jango and Rossi
Peter and Jared encounter the B-list version of themselves while defending one of Infeld's ex-wives; Karp must work with Pindar on a robbery case.

Episode 2.04 - For Those About to Rock
Jared is ordered to serve as a small claims court judge; Jared goes head-to-head with his father in court on a case involving a rock star; Infeld's life coach is exposed as a fraud.

Episode 2.05 - L'affaire de la Coeur
Peter and Jared are asked to defend a high-profile judge who has been arrested; tension builds between Peter and Janie; Karp defends a friend from college.

Episode 2.06 - Voir Dire
Peter and Jared receive unsolicited advice as they begin selecting jurors for their case; the firm partners with a young law student for the summer; Peter and Jared must try their case against a powerful district attorney.

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