Wynonna Earp - Season Finale - I Walk the Line - Review +POLL By Kollin Lore (June 25, 2016, 4:00 am) Wynonna Earp

'Walk the Line' gave viewers everything we could have expected from a season finale: tension, plenty of action, high stakes, and some juicy plot developments to hook us for next season.

First of all, how about that last sequence. The revelation that Waverly is not an Earp, according to Bobo, was quite the bombshell, and then having her possessed and shooting at one of Doc or Wynonna was one sure way to end with a give me season 2 now cliffhanger.

Speaking of characters going dark, the reveal of who or what Dolls is continues to be a slow burn and the bit where his superior calls him a monster was an intriguing tease.

The Dolls storyline brings back memories of Angel/Angelus from the Buffy-verse. Both of them are a love interest of a kick-ass female protagonist and they both struggle with the beast inside of them. Angel had his soul that kept Angelus from being released, while Dolls has whatever this injection is that keeps his beast tame. It was fun, by the way, to see beast Dolls team up with Doc to take out the revenants in the bar.

The highlight though of this episode was when Waverly confronted Bobo. This scene packed a lot of emotion. These past episodes we've only seen negative reactions on the part of Waverly towards Willa, and for good reasons, but in this sequence we saw how much she cares for her older sister. Family is still family, and Waverly was willing to confront the dangerous Bobo to beg for her sisters life.

We also got to see in this same sequence how perverse Bobo is as he defends himself to holding a 13-year-old girl captive by saying he was "saving her." It's a shame that our main antagonist was killed off in the final moments. It would have been interesting if he indeed did get taken away and then returns next season different, like if Black Badge took the revenant out of him and he would return to help fight this bigger evil. Alas, his story seemed to have ended with the conclusion of the season.

The one flaw in this episode was the under-usage of Haught. I admit, I did not jump on the Haught train as fast as many of my fellow Earpers; however, she had progressively grown on me over the past few episodes and I would be lying if I didn't say that moment where she pumped the shotgun turned me on. Unfortunately, we never got to see her use it, after being shot by Willa she disappeared. Hopefully, for fans, next season will see more Haught.

It is good to see Willa gone. Natalie Krill's acting was cringeworthy, though she was more tolerable in this episode. Despite her unconvincing acting, it was still heartbreaking to see Wynonna having to kill Willa to end her misery as she was being taken away by that creature.

Overall, this was a very tense episode with some bombshell twists and turns. 'Walk the Line' did a great job setting the story up for next season. The tease about how Purgatory is not just a prison, but a sanctuary from some being makes things very intriguing and it was a brilliant way to describe what is in store for Wynonna and co.

Season in Review

The rookie season of Wynonna Earp was a flawed, but entertaining kick off. The season began with a solid first eight episodes that kept the storyline simple and straightforward. Its clear focus was on Wynonna finding the seven revenants responsible for the death of papa Earp on their homestead, and with that we got some interesting revenant of the week antagonists. We also got some good character exploration as we watched Wynonna become too obsessed with revenge.

From episode eight onwards, things got a bit messy. The storyline of Constance Clootie and her two children was rushed and ended quickly on a very flat note. The show introduced The Blacksmith who was interesting in both personality and the fact she brought a certain mysticism element to the series. However, she got written off as fast as she was introduced.

The introduction of Willa in the third last episode was quite a bombshell, but due to the weak acting of Natalie Krill, the storyline wasn't executed as effectively as it could have been. However, the casting crew did a great job with our four main leads, and Haught. I emphasize the latter as it seems her popularity has transcended that of the four leads, despite getting much less screen time. Of the four leads, Melanie Scrofano especially has been perfect as Wynonna - she brings great comedic timing to the role and also she has plenty of the gravitas needed to make our titular heroine convincing. In all, everyone really played well of each other, the chemistry is definitely there, and if Wynonna Earp is not renewed for a second season it will be a damn shame.

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