19th Jan 2018
S05E08 - The Last Day (Agents of SHIELD)
22nd Jan 2018
S01E13 - Seven Reasons (The Good Doctor)
24th Jan 2018
S05E14 - The Goldbergs: 1990-Something (The Goldbergs)
24th Jan 2018
S02E14 - Midlife Crisis (American Housewife)
24th Jan 2018
S02E15 - The Mom Switch (American Housewife)
25th Jan 2018
S07E09 - Good People (Scandal)
25th Jan 2018
S14E10 - Personal Jesus (Grey's Anatomy)
25th Jan 2018
S04E10 - Everything We Did Was For Nothing (How to Get Away With Murder)
26th Jan 2018
S05E09 - Best Laid Plans (Agents of SHIELD)
30th Jan 2018
S04E14 - A Man to Share the Night With (Fresh Off The Boat)
30th Jan 2018
S04E15 - We Need to Talk About Evan (Fresh Off The Boat)
1st Feb 2018
S07E10 - The People v. Olivia Pope (Scandal)
1st Feb 2018
S14E11 - (Don't Fear) the Reaper (Grey's Anatomy)
1st Feb 2018
S04E11 - He's a Bad Father (How to Get Away With Murder)
2nd Feb 2018
S05E10 - Past Life (Agents of SHIELD)
5th Feb 2018
S01E14 - She (The Good Doctor)
8th Feb 2018
S04E12 - Ask Him About Stella (How to Get Away With Murder)
8th Feb 2018
S07E11 - Army of One (Scandal)
8th Feb 2018
S14E12 - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Grey's Anatomy)
28th Feb 2018
S02E11 - TBA (Designated Survivor)
2nd Mar 2018
S07E11 - Secret Garden (Once Upon A Time)
11th Mar 2018
S01E01 - Pilot (Deception)
13th Mar 2018
S01E01 - Pilot (For the People)
27th Mar 2018
S10E01 - Twenty Years to Life (Roseanne)
27th Mar 2018
S01E01 - Pilot (Splitting Up Together)
27th Mar 2018
S10E02 - Dress to Impress (Roseanne)
28th Mar 2018
S01E01 - The Unfair Advantage (Alex Inc)
2nd Apr 2018
S01E01 - Pilot (The Crossing)
26th Apr 2018
S03E01 - The Conscience Code (Quantico)