5th Dec 2019
S15E07 - Last Call (Supernatural)
5th Dec 2019
S02E07 - It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough (Legacies)
6th Dec 2019
S02E08 - The Rules of Engagement (Charmed)
6th Dec 2019
S03E08 - The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial (Dynasty)
8th Dec 2019
S05E09 - Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour One (Supergirl)
9th Dec 2019
S01E09 - Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour Two (Batwoman)
9th Dec 2019
S03E09 - The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Third Stone from the Sun (Black Lightning)
10th Dec 2019
S06E09 - Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour Three (The Flash)
11th Dec 2019
S01E09 - The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew)
11th Dec 2019
S04E09 - Tangerine (Riverdale)
12th Dec 2019
S02E08 - This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent (Legacies)
12th Dec 2019
S15E08 - Our Father, Who Aren't In Heaven (Supernatural)
16th Jan 2020
S02E09 - I Couldn't Have Done This Without You (Legacies)
16th Jan 2020
S15E09 - The Trap (Supernatural)
17th Jan 2020
S03E09 - TBA (Dynasty)
19th Jan 2020
S05E10 - The Bottle Episode (Supergirl)
20th Jan 2020
S02E09 - One Of Them Nights (All American)
21st Jan 2020
S05E01 - Meet The Legends (Legends of Tomorrow)
22nd Jan 2020
S04E10 - Varsity Blues (Riverdale)
23rd Jan 2020
S02E10 - This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies (Legacies)
23rd Jan 2020
S15E10 - The Heroes' Journey (Supernatural)
29th Jan 2020
S04E11 - Quiz Show (Riverdale)
30th Jan 2020
S02E11 - What Cupid Problem? (Legacies)
30th Jan 2020
S15E11 - The Gamblers (Supernatural)
4th Feb 2020
S06E10 - Marathon (The Flash)
6th Feb 2020
S01E01 - Pilot (Katy Keene)
11th Feb 2020
S06E11 - Love is a Battlefield (The Flash)
18th Feb 2020
S06E12 - A Girl Named Sue (The Flash)
25th Feb 2020
S06E13 - Grodd Friended Me (The Flash)
16th Mar 2020
S02E01 - Stay (I Missed You) (Roswell New Mexico)
16th Mar 2020
S15E12 - Galaxy Brain (Supernatural)
23rd Mar 2020
S15E13 - Destiny's Child (Supernatural)