5th Apr 2019
S01E01 - The Itchy Onion (Warrior)
12th Apr 2019
S01E02 - There's No China in the Bible (Warrior)
19th Apr 2019
S01E03 - John Chinaman (Warrior)
26th Apr 2019
S01E04 - The White Mountain (Warrior)
3rd May 2019
S01E05 - The Blood and the Sh*t (Warrior)
10th May 2019
S01E06 - Chewed Up, Spit Out, and Stepped On (Warrior)
17th May 2019
S01E07 - The Tiger and the Fox (Warrior)
24th May 2019
S01E08 - They Don't Pay Us Enough to Think (Warrior)
31st May 2019
S01E09 - Chinese Boxing (Warrior)
7th Jun 2019
S01E10 - TBA (Warrior)