22nd Jan 2018
S01E01 - The Boy on the Bridge (The Alienist)
24th Jan 2018
S04E10 - And The Dude Named Jeff (The Librarians)
29th Jan 2018
S01E02 - A Fruitful Partnership (The Alienist)
31st Jan 2018
S04E11 - And the Trial of the One (The Librarians)
5th Feb 2018
S01E03 - Episode Three (The Alienist)
7th Feb 2018
S04E12 - And The Echoes Of Memory (The Librarians)
12th Feb 2018
S01E04 - Episode Four (The Alienist)
19th Feb 2018
S01E05 - Episode Five (The Alienist)
26th Feb 2018
S01E06 - Episode Six (The Alienist)
5th Mar 2018
S01E07 - Episode Seven (The Alienist)
12th Mar 2018
S01E08 - Episode Eight (The Alienist)