Daily Ratings Table - Thu, Oct 25, 2018
# Show Network Episode Title Demo Total
S12E06 The Big Bang Theory CBS The Imitation Perturbation 2.30 13.00
S02E06 Young Sheldon CBS Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan 1.70 10.96
S15E05 Grey's Anatomy ABC Everyday Angel 1.50 6.54
S06E05 Mom CBS Flying Monkeys and a Tank of Nitrous 1.20 7.98
S02E04 Station 19 ABC Lost and Found 0.90 5.02
S20E06 Law and Order SVU NBC Exile 0.90 4.20
S04E04 Superstore NBC Costume Competition 0.90 3.06
S11E05 Murphy Brown CBS The Girl Who Cried About Wolf 0.80 6.05
S10E04 Will and Grace NBC Who's Sorry Now? 0.80 3.22
S03E06 The Good Place NBC The Ballad of Donkey Doug 0.80 2.67
S02E05 S.W.A.T. CBS S.O.S. 0.70 5.36
S05E05 How to Get Away With Murder ABC It Was the Worst Day of My Life 0.70 2.93
S01E06 I Feel Bad NBC I'm A Massive Hypocrite 0.50 2.09
S14E03 Supernatural CW The Scar 0.40 1.39
S01E01 Legacies CW This is the Part Where You Run 0.30 1.12
S01E02 Heathers Paramount She's Going to Cry
S01E01 Heathers Paramount Pilot