Daily Ratings Table - Thu, Oct 31, 2019
# Show Network Episode Title Demo Total
S16E06 Grey's Anatomy ABC Whistlin' Past The Graveyard 1.10 5.66
S02E06 A Million Little Things ABC Unleashed 0.70 4.16
S21E06 Law and Order SVU NBC Murdered At A Bad Address 0.70 3.98
S05E06 Superstore NBC Trick Or Treat 0.70 3.09
S11E02 Will and Grace NBC Pappa Mia 0.60 2.63
S04E06 The Good Place NBC A Chip Driver Mystery 0.60 2.21
S01E06 Perfect Harmony NBC Halle-Boo-Yah 0.50 2.39
S06E06 How to Get Away With Murder ABC Family Sucks 0.40 2.16
S02E08 Mr. Inbetween FX See You In Your Dreams 0.10 0.34
S01E06 Creepshow AMC Skincrawlers / By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain
S01E06 Sunnyside NBC Skirt-Skirt